Love what you’ve seen so far? We can honestly say there’s nothing quite like being here. Venue tours are offered daily, by appointment, and we invite you to plant yourself on our calendar.

For those of you who just can’t wait– we’re giving you a portion of the venue tour with these videos!

Ceremony Site 1 – Lakeside Deck

The Lakeside Deck sits between the barn and the lake and has the towering red rocks of Missionary Ridge as its backdrop. This majestic scene is bookended with blue spruce trees and is perfect for ceremonies all year round.

Ceremony Site 2 – Lakeside Bank

Situated adjacent to the outdoor reception area, the Lakeside Bank provides a beautiful view with a focus on the dock and lake in the foreground. This location not only keeps everything close to the barn, but you can have dining and cocktail tables setup outside under the lights.

Ceremony Site 3 – Big Willow

Everyone loves the willow trees, and ceremonies at the Big Willow are hard to beat. Nestled along the bank of our fishing pond are several trees that create an amazing setting, including opportunities for some shade.

Ceremony Site 4 – Cabin Willow

About 300 feet from the barn, the Cabin Willow is an easy, flat walk from the barn. This willow stands alone so you can have your willow tree and a big mountain view! (The extra distance makes this an ideal location for arriving by horse-drawn carriage.)

On the Dock

The Dock provides gorgeous photo opportunities, especially at sunset; and with 360-degree views it’s no wonder that everyone finds their way onto the dock. Many ceremonies have happened here too, with guests situated along the bank of the lake.

Weddings at River Bend Ranch

Can you see yourself in this place? Durango is idyllic and River Bend Ranch brings a beautiful blend of mountains, water, trees, and amenities.